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Jorge gets you to crave change, believe in utopia and embrace your dreams… all in a single presentation!

Jorge’s been called “radically different,”  “originally convincing,” and “a marketing Jedi master with real superpowers”. He turns a speech into a sensorial experience where the audience will be inspired and empowered to act, not just during the presentation, but for years thereafter.
Are You looking for an entertaining humorous Speaker with first hand personal inspirational stories combined with the experience plus encyclopedic-like knowledge?

Is Influence a Superpower?   Your attendees will learn why influence is a superpower, but one with a formula, a secret formula. Learn the secret power to influence and how to use it with your family, your friends, and in your job and business. Jorge will show you how this formula will give you preferential treatment in life!

Unlike many speakers, Jorge takes his examples out of his own personal life. At age 27 Jorge had already left his country of Mexico and became the VP and later CEO of a technology company, first in Germany and then in the USA.  Just one year before he lived in his childhood home where he grew up without running water or electricity. Now he advises CEOs, Hedge Fund owners and other power players around the world. This incredible one year transformation was possible with Branding and Influence. The same style of influence and branding Jorge has used to launch more than 1,000 consumer goods, two publicly traded companies, and help his 80,000 subscribers.

His approach to speaking and presenting is not one that you’ve seen ever before. It is not just based on business as usual or re-used case studies but in real, touching personal life stories, stories that not just mirror business life but personal life and family life.   You and your event attendants will be able to learn while being inspired, motivated and entertained.

Available Presentations

Jorge speaks on a variety of topics around Branding and Marketing including:

  • Personal Branding and Self Promotion
  • Branding of products and companies
  • Influence for business and personal life
  • Sales and distribution strategies
  • Beverages and consumer packaged goods
  • Marketing strategy

He can tailor a presentation to your audience or you can choose from one of his existing and exciting presentations.

Here are some of Jorge’s most popular presentation:

  • Cruise Life as a VIP –How to get preferential treatment in life
  • Is Influence a Superpower –Discover the secret formula for influence
  • Unselfish Guide to Personal Branding and Self Promotion
  • Consumer Packaged Goods and Beverage Presentations
  • How to use LinkedIn for sales and marketing

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